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Build Your Dream Gallery Wall

Build Your Dream Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a compilation of frames, mirrors, or objects hung as a collage on a wall to create a gallery - and no home is complete without one! They can be made up of family pictures, printed posters or collected art works over the years, or why not include different shapes and sizes of mirrors to add reflection and enhance lighting in a room!

Whatever your style is, your dream gallery can finally come true using simple and easy steps to get there. And it all starts here...

STEP 1. GATHER and/or collect the art, posters, paintings, pictures, mirrors, or objects you want to include in this gallery. Anything you like, or means something to you will add more personality to the space and make for a more unique gallery.

STEP 2. LAY IT OUT. Lay all your framed (and unframed) goodies flat on the floor. Move them around a few times to come up with different layouts and arrangements, until you finally settle on the one that pleases you the most. The trick is to start with bigger items, and then build around by filling the voids and any negative spaces with smaller ones so that the further out from the centre, the smaller the items get.

STEP 3. MOCK UP. Sometimes the flat layout doesn't translate directly onto the wall, and other times even when it does, you can change your mind. So before committing fully to your arrangement, a less risky way to accomplishing your gallery, and avoid a big mistake on your wall is to create a stencil of your items on brown paper. Once you have all the cutouts of your shapes and sizes on brown paper, start hanging them up to view the final outcome of how your gallery will look. You can leave this up for an hour, or for a day if you're indecisive. Finally, take a few photos for reference and move onto the next step.

STEP 4. HANG IT UP. Whether you have chosen to do a mock up gallery or not, after laying out your collection, it is time to get cracking. If you are doing this alone, you will need some tools (tape measure, hammer, nails, level, pencil & eraser). In the case that you don't have these items or won't be doing it alone, wait for the professional to come in, give them a print out of the reference photo, and wait for the job to be completed.
gallery wall

STEP 5. ENJOY the finished product, and remember, now that you have created your base, you can always add on to your gallery to expand or complete it.


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