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A Gender Neutral Nursery

A Gender Neutral Nursery

The gender-neutral nursery has been all the rage lately, and it is quickly removing the cliche pink and blue theme out of the picture. A gender-neutral nursery can cover many different colour palettes, themes and styles, and here is one example to portray how to achieve the perfect balance between feminine and masculine when creating your own gender-neutral nursery. The trick is mixing and matching the right colours and pieces, to create a fun space that doesn't sway one particular way!

The first step to any theme or design, is the inspiration behind it. You can find inspiration in absolutely anything that makes you happy, excited, calm or relaxed, and then pick up the key aspects from that piece of inspo to apply into your space. Our fist gender-neutral mood board was inspired by a modern monochrome living room, with graphic framed posters, and organic accents to add texture to the muted palette.

From this, we created a mood board set with the same tone, four colours and a texture, being wood. It was important to add that textural element of wood to break up the harshness of monochrome colours when they come together. The wood also introduces a natural material, which is always a great way to bring a space to life. We started with this Houseshaped Display Box from Nook Concepts. This piece not only acts as a source of wooden texture, it is also a great statement piece.

Then, we introduced other natural elements from the White Moss collection including our rattan Double Belly Pendant Light, the Seagrass Belly Basket, as well as our Wooden Ladder, all natural organic and versatile pieces to add to the overall look.

Natural Wood Ladder / Double Belly Pendant Light / Muslin Blanket Triangles / Cactus Twin Pillows / Nelly Basket / Chevron Rattan Chair / Seagrass Belly Baskets Half Black / Wall Art / Crib / Chelsea Cabinet/ Table Lamp / House shaped Display Box/ Fabric Planter/ Rug

Once these elements were introduced, we focused on balancing the other components of our palette (black, white and grey) by equally dividing the three colors onto the bigger pieces needed to complete this room.

Finally, accessorising came last, mixing both feminine and masculine items to create that perfect balance of not too much of one or the other. Once these items come together, they disperse the line between the two genders and create that neutral look!

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