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6 Steps to a Scandi-Boho Home

6 Steps to a Scandi-Boho Home

We are often asked how you can create the very on-trend Scandi Boho look in your own home. At White Moss HQ try to keep it natural, simple and easy to get the look.
In today’s fast-paced society, White Moss recognises the power of simplicity and nature in your home, creating a sense of peace and inner calm. We believe your homes are a reflection of how you feel. Our new collection combines a muted colour palette with strong natural materials. We're talking about wood, leather & rattan – these materials add nature into our homes and create a Scandi-boho look with very little hassle.
To get you started we will share our top six key tips for achieving a cosy home with a Scandi-Boho luxe touch.

1. The Scandinavian feel is all set on a white background. Our Scandi-Boho look is less about being minimal and more about having an overall cosy, warm, open bright space. The white walls are key to making this look work and will tie all of your elements together.

White Wall for Scandi Boho Look

2. Equally important as the blank white walls as a canvas is the choice of flooring to really complete this look. Think pale wood floors for the scandi element and add a warmth and softness with rugs in natural materials like jute or monochrome Berber rugs from Morocco.

To add a splash of bohemian contrast we love the monochromatic impact of Moroccan style floor tiles which can be utilised in any space for maximum impact. In our recent White Moss villa renovation we incorporated these in our entranceway and on our stairway as a stark contrast to the pale wood flooring to really set off and complete the overall effect.

Get the Scandi-Boho Look with Evo Latte flooring from Floorworld

With this minimal background, we add colour with layers of linens, tons of texture and create comfort with cushions, furniture & lighting. Begin with natural colours and materials like rattan or untreated wood for the furniture. For the colour palette, choose a selection of calming sandy neutral hues like blush pink, nude & tan. Remember when layering to ensure the look remains light and that texture plays a main part.

Get the Scandi Boho look:Maisy Bench/Rustic Boat Paddle/Harmony Black Cushion/Horizon Tan Cushion/Anchor Tan Cushion/Full Leather Black Cushion/Horizon Black Cushion/Harmony Tan Cushion/New Beginnings Tan Cushion/Karma Black Cushion/Full Leather Tan Cushion

We have sourced our products through artisans and love the handmade look as well as knowing there is only one of its’ kind, it creates such a special feeling. Natural wood, woven or rattan furniture all work well both functionally and visually. We love rattan because it adds warmth and brings a natural element to interior décor. It’s also affordable, is incredibly durable and can last a lifetime. I must also mention that our wood is likewise, very strong and eco-friendly. Here’s how to bring this beautiful material into your home.
Neutral Decor
Get the Scandi Boho look: Safari Chair |Rustic Boat Paddle |Harmony Black Cushion |Horizon Tan Cushion |Anchor Tan Cushion|Full Leather Black Cushion|Horizon Black Cushion|Harmony Tan Cushion|New Beginnings Tan Cushion|Karma Black Cushion|Totem Man Gray|

5. No Scandi-bohemian home is complete without a rattan or beaded pendant light hanging overhead. These signature luminescence will light up any space with a subtle moody glow, while its unique design will dial up the luxury. It's the perfect beach touch. Add a rustic element with raw timber furniture and mismatched chairs.

I like this informal way of including greenery in a living room… with the light suspended above, it creates a beautiful display.

6. Greenery is a must in a scandi boho scheme, be it in a bathroom, living room, bedroom or kitchen. Group mini succulents together on a coffee table, hang a leafy fern from a bathroom shelf or set a large palm or prickly cactus on the floor in the corner of the room. Larger plants set into belly baskets or smaller varieties set atop wooden shelves. Use monochromatic baskets to display your foliage and to warm up a minimalistic and neutral space.

Bathroom plants
Office plants
The general aim with this so 'on-trend' Scandi-Boho look is that the overall mood remains curated and considered, but at the same time, that little bit ‘undone'.

For more styling and interiors inspiration visit our Inspiration Lounge.

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