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Simple Ways to Bring The Outside In

Simple Ways to Bring The Outside In

If you are struggling to get the completed feel or if your goal is to add some life & colour to your space; then bringing the outside in is the easiest way to do it. Adding a natural element to your space does wonders, especially when you have a neutral space. Here at White Moss, we believe in the power of simplicity and nature; and if you know anything about us, we are obsessed with interiors that have a lot of plants. Not only do we have a lot of plants at Casa De White Moss but we also relish the opportunity to play with them creatively.

Here are a few ways to warm up your home with plants:

If you have a spot in your house that is blank and unfilled, try converting it into a plant corner with plants of all sizes, big and small. We have incorporated this concept in our office in a minimalistic manner and we are proud of our shelfie game!

Adding plants to your home

Instead of using an entire plant, you can also stick to adding a single frond or branch. We love adding a tinge of creativity to everything and like to be resourceful when we can so we went into the garden and selected a few of our favourite in-season leaves and popped them into a simple frame and even when the leaves dry out eventually, it adds on to a rustic look that ultimately compliments the scandi- boho scheme.

adding green foliage single palms leaf

Plants that drape down from shelves are one of our all-time favourites. So if you are anything like us, the string of pearls is the way to go. You don't have to water it every single day and therefore it’s an easy plant to manage. However, avoid keeping it from direct sunlight in order to protect it.

hanging plants

Indulge your macrame obsession by adorning your space with our Macrame planters. We have used them to added layers to our Master bedroom and bathroom with hanging plants such as Money Plants aka Devil’s Ivy

Macrame Hanging Plant

Mini succulents or ornamental cacti can be styled as a simple coffee table decor. We have in fact levelled up the game by using them as bathroom shelf decor. Feel free to play around with old clay pots or if you are into DIY decor, simply replace pots with old teacups. You can also make use of old glass bottles for creating your own statement table decor by filling them with water and leaving in some fronds.

Mini Succulents and Cacti

Last but not least; the most popular form of using plants in your home is to simply place a big pot with a leafy plant next to your couch, a prickly cactus to complement your gallery wall or a large palm right by your cosy reading corner. You can make use of our most sought after seagrass baskets to display your foliage.

adding plants to your home

Looking for more interior styling inspiration? Have a look at our inspirations page they have all the product details you need to get the White Moss look.

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