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5 tips to be guest room ready

5 tips to be guest room ready

When I was designing our home, I carefully chose colour schemes and finishes that would work well together, could easily be changed with simple mix and match and complemented our furniture. As an interiors fanatic, I love to change up the look of our home all the time especially when we are expecting guests! So I thought I would share with you some tips on how I prepare for guests, which happens very often in our house - especially at this time of the year.

1. Keep It Clutter-free
I am a minimalist and hate clutter so we are regularly clearing the house to keep it simple and clutter free. I like to work with a blank canvas and will always be a fan of a plain white wall. Luckily we have a whole warehouse of gorgeous goodies to play with so I have a lot of fun switching up different statement pieces like headboards, lighting, colours, accessories or cushions to find the right combination that will suit our particular guests. Here's just a little inspiration for you...


Featured above | Totem Man Grey | Canguu Face

2. Go Neutral.
While it's tempting to use the guest room as a place to experiment with all your design urges, you could run the risk of creating a room that not everyone feels comfortable in. So I think neutral colours are definitely the way to go and remember to keep it simple without imposing too much of your own personal taste and style so your guest can feel at home there. We stick to White Moss palettes with a canvas of white mixed with nude, tan or black through layers of linens and tons of texture to create comfort with cushionsseating and lighting.

3. Make A Statement.
Whether you add an eye-catching headboard like our Bali Statement or feature a gallery wall, bring in an element that makes a strong statement and it will make the room feel complete. Adding one or two accent pieces will set a room apart and create a lasting impact. Think a statement light, headboard or chair. Or create a gallery wall using wall hangings, like our Tribal Plates.
Rattan Headboard Guest Room Decor

4. Remember The Comfort Factor
I love to add comfy cushions and throws to make the space cozy and homely. It's often the little details that get overlooked, so here's a few inspirations for you. A natural wooden ladder to hang fresh white towels and of course no room would be complete without a touch of green, I'm a big fan of hanging planters or a seagrass belly basket serves as a gorgeous plant pot or you can store toiletries or toilet rolls effortlessly and stylishly.

5. Mood Lighting

If you only have overhead lights choose a pendant light that can cast a soft glow. The right light shade can transform a room and draw attention the moment you walk in. Nothing else can create that cosy feeling like lighting, so I highly recommend you consider this before you have a guest stay.
These essentials will ensure your friends and family will have a comfortable and happy stay while in your home.

Bedroom ceiling rattan light pendant

Bonus Tips

If you can, invest in a good-quality mattress, duvet and bed sheets for the guest room, but, for a quick-fix solution, fresh flowers or a simple palm leaf or a sprig of eucalyptus in a glass vase are an easy, beautiful and affordable way to add a homely touch.

This final tip may not have occurred to you before but I would recommend you try and spend a night in the room yourself before your guests arrive, to test it out and see how you feel in there. What do you see when you’re lying in bed? How is the light? Is the bed comfortable? Are the mirrors at the right height? All too often guests rooms look lovely, but they’re not practical at all.

Image credits | Salt at Shoal Bay | Beeline Design | Apartment Therapy | My Wild Tribe | Urban Outfitters | Comfy Dwelling | Oleander and Palm | 

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