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10 Steps to A Happy Corner

10 Steps to A Happy Corner

I'm sure you have come across that corner in your home that has been asking for more attention. Say goodbye to that cry for help, because in 10 simple pieces, that space can be awakened and transformed into a purposeful, magical and happy corner!

Bring together a few key pieces, and arrange them to create a wonderful space for you and others to enjoy. This corner could act as a waiting area, an inspirational corner that encourages you to pick up a book and start reading, or it can even be a space to house those beautiful pieces you have collected over your travels, yet never found a place for.

Here are some ideas to achieve this transformation, but always remember to add your own touch and personality to it. Maybe you put in a table lamp instead of a floor lamp, or instead of an inspirational piece of art work, you can entertain family pictures instead. Just remember to make it sentimental, and personal so the space is able to speak for itself, to be able to tell a story on its own, and this will naturally add more charm and spirit to your space.

Each item on our list serves a purpose, and together these items come together to create a very convenient - and might we add - magical space. Below, we listed our items and the reason why it made it to our list of top 10 items, that can quickly and simply transform a happy corner in your home! 

1.Statement chair: Need we say more! Choose a chair that makes you happy and shows personality, here our Love Chair is just the right ingredient. Not only will your chair be the anchor of this little haven, it will also soften the harshness of a sharp corner and allow it to blend into the rest of the existing space.

2. Pouffe: we all love a good pouffe, not only does it allow us to relax more in a space by encouraging us to kick up our feet and enjoy that chair even more, it's also a versatile piece that can be moved from one corner of the room to the other. We opted for a vibrant velour pouffe from the Bowery Company, to add a pop of colour and a texture to the overall palette. 

3. Side table: to house your coffee table books, tea, or a table lamp instead of the floor lamp.

4. Floor lamp: this will brighten up that dark corner and aid while reading in the evenings.

5. Plant: in our opinion, no space is complete without a touch of nature. Choose a plant of your liking and dress it up in a Borneo Tribal Basket or choose from an array of other basket styles we have.

6. Cushions: this will add to the overall coziness of this space and provide comfort while you laze away in your happy place!

7. Inspirational wall art: this can mean a cool graphic poster like the one we love and listed from Marmarland. It can also be a painting made by your kids, or even a collage of family photos. This personalisation is what will make your corner more magical!

8. Candle: our pick was a Maisey natural soy candle for ambiance and good energy! We love the family recipe passed down over generations of women and they smell fantastic.

9. Books: we all have books we've received as gifts or bought and never got to reading. Its time to place them in the right place and allow yourself to take a minute to slow down, pick up a book, and enjoy your transformed space.

10: Area rug: although this piece is not a necessity, it's purpose is to frame this area, and allow you to acknowledge it more by pulling all the items in together. It will also add softness and warmth if your floors are hard and cold, and this Australian Sheepskin is one we adore found on Marmarland. 

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Written by Mai Alhamrani

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